Hi I’m Wendy aka @indigograce. I’m in love with all things crochet and have a yarn stash that regularly threatens to take over my living room, and sneaks into every other room of the house.  I’m often found in a cafe or park with my hook and yarn, and it’s not uncommon for me to have about at least 5 projects on the go at a time, with more waiting in the wings.  I love writing so a while ago I decided to start my own blog and to write about my crocheting adventures.  Every now and then I also share patterns, write stories about projects and just generally get all my crochet words out of me and onto here!  Blog posts can be found under the ‘Yarning’ tab.

I also make and sell my products specialising in wearable accessories such as beanies & scarves, baby blanket sets and specialty blankets by custom order.  Some of my items appear on my Etsy store, but I also take orders by direct request.

I can be found on twitter – @indigograce – and Instagram @indigograce_crochet  and you can email me



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