Blanket Squares

IMG_1956Last winter I made my daughter a gorgeous ripple crochet blanket for her bed. I was very happy with how it turned out.

I had always intended to made her twin brother a blanket too but decided I wanted to use up a whole bunch of blue and green 8ply I had from a previous project.  Having just finished a striped blanket with a million ends to weave in I thought I would do solid squares – less ending off, easy to carry a few sneaky ones around in your handbag for on-the-go crochet, and something different. Unfortunately I have a short attention span and found them a little tedious after a while, but that’s pretty normal for a blanket project!

Solid Blanket Square number 1!

I also realised soon into it that I would need to border them to make the final join tidier. Sam likes white so I thought that would be a good way of bringing white into it. I was happy with the look of them 🙂

My plans for using up lots of scrap wool kind-of worked, except I ended up buying a few more colours to balance it out, and a few balls of white!

Once I thought I had enough the tricky part came – how to distribute them in a way that looked random, but with the colours blending nicely.

Here is my first attempt…image

It then became clear that it wasn’t big enough (dammit!) so I went back to making more squares. By now I was determined to just get it done..  By this stage I had a long list of projects I wanted to get started on, but had to get this one off my living room floor before my partner had an anti-crochet moment.

So finally I had what I decided was enough squares (whether it was or not is still debatable) and I was ready to join them for reals!image

The first row of joining actually gave me a mild neck injury (I take this crochet stuff very seriously!) mostly due to me sitting on the floor trying not to lose the order I had them in, and work out the best way to join them.  Once I got going I was right – the process got more enjoyable as I relaxed into it.





Once I had completed the joining up, it was down to the border.  I chose the two lightest blue and greeen colours to border if, along with white (which I played a game of chicken with to see if I would run out or not).  All in all I was happy with the finished blanket, and most importantly, my boy is too.  It will fit nicely on a single bed in winter, and is currently being used as a snuggle rug in the lounge room.  It’s quite warm!

The finished project – colours look heaps better IRL!



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