Teacosy Obsession

One morning in Margaret River I walked into a local cafe to get a giant coffee on my way into work.  Once I had ordered my brew I looked around the newly refurbished shop to discover with delight a cosy granny square crochet blanket draped over a comfy armchair.  Because I cant help myself, I chatted to the owner about it, and crochet, and examined how it was made (he was very polite about it *yawn*).  The discussion then turned to teacosies (of course).  The cafe was hoping to serve tea in teapots with locally made teacosies – for those of you unfamiliar with Margaret River it is pretty cold in winter!

The challenge was set!  I sat down that night and looked through online patterns until I found one I thought would work.  Ta Daaa – my first ever teacosy was born! IMG_3480

I was in love.

I sheepishly took it in to the cafe to show the owner, who then gave me a loan teapot of the type they had in the cafe (the ones with the flip top lid).  A new challenge, to adjust the pattern to fit the new teapot.  Luckily I had picked a design that was fairly easy to manipulate for different shaped pots.  Through trial and error I was able to come up with a basic pattern for this type of teapot (Maxwell Williams InfustionsT).

Teacosies Galore!!


The cafe did buy a few off me which I see from time to time when I happen to drop in for my brew. I haven’t been flooded with orders or anything, but I’d happily make one if people asked.  Either way, now I have found my technique I’m enjoying giving them as gifts along with a teapot as they are something you can personalise fairly easily.  Surely everyone loves a cute teacosy?!?

One of my favourites is a custom order made for a friend.  It was a lovely classic shaped teapot, and with my trusty adjustable pattern I was able to make it to fit perfectly.  I chose a simple leaf design for the side embellishment 🙂

For now my teacosy story ends here, winning first prize in the local Agricultural Show! (A lady doesn’t reveal how many people entered in the crochet teacosy section)IMG_4561

I haven’t made one since Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll be making a few more in the lead up to the show this year.  It’s possible I’ll just be competing against myself!  #teacosyobsession #crazyteacosylady


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