Park Crochet

I’m not sure if it was turning 40 or having twins that tipped me over the edge, but I have become someone who sits in parks crocheting.  Oh I’ve always had it in me to a degree. Years ago I would occasionally take my knitting (before I could crochet) to day long church meetings and conferences.  I saw other people doing it (admittedly they were 80) and thought it was a good way to pass the time through the boring bits.

Then it was long car journeys.  I started taking my craft projects with me to pass the time – I’m rarely the driver. Car rides seemed like the perfect opportunity to sit for hours creating – its not like I could do housework or anything!

car crochet insta edit

I always plan car and holiday projects for weeks in my mind, particularly for journeys, and then throw some clothes in a suitcase at the last minute. PRIORITIES right?!

holiday crochet insta edit

And it was a total mind-blown breakthrough last year when I discovered that I could take crochet ON THE PLANE! I even took some onto an international flight early this year – plastic crochet hook at the ready in case it was confiscated.  (It wasn’t by the way.)

But it was a few years ago that I truly began to flirt around the edges of social acceptability.  As my twins became older, and required less hovering at playgrounds I would find myself sitting, flicking through my phone (and feeling terribly guilty from all that’s been written on this topic), so it seemed a natural thing to do, to sit with my latest project and crochet instead.  Living in Margaret River gives me some sense that this should be ok – it has some serious hippy roots after-all – but I am yet to come across anyone else crocheting in parks when I’m there *shakes head in disbelief* – I know right?!

park crochet insta edit

Turning 40 has meant that I care less and less what people think.  In fact, I’m pretty sure its no-ones business what I’m doing for the hours of playgrounding that I find myself doing on a regular basis.  My kids are happy, (and often wearing some fabulous beanies!) so that’s the main thing right? Sometimes it can be – dare I say it – boring sitting for hours in playgrounds, and I figure its not really any different to sitting reading, or flicking through facebook, and at least I have something to show for it at the end!

Sometimes my crocheting draws a smile, or sparks a conversation with other mums.  Often a small child will point to what I’m doing with a question – and the mum will explain that ‘that lady is knitting’.  I just smile, even though I am clearly NOT knitting *sigh*.  And I will occasionally get the wistful ‘I wish I knew how to do that’ comments from women who weren’t lucky enough to have this craft passed down through the generations like I was.

So now as I teeter along the edge of nuttiness, I find myself asking ‘when is it NOT ok to take your crochet with you?’.  I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that if its a situation where you’re required to sit still for a period of time, then its probably no different to looking at a screen, or book or staring at a wall.  Granny crafts have made a comeback, crochet and knitting are cool (right?) and although I sometimes feel like the only one in the village, I’m sure there will be a day where park crochet becomes far more common.  See you there!


5 thoughts on “Park Crochet

  1. I am one of these people who constantly knit/crochet when I am in public, whether it is in the car, on the train, or at the park. It is very rare that you will not find a project of some sort in my bag. It strikes up some great conversations with people and you learn so much. 🙂


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