Pattern: Super Quick Double Strand Beanie

The last two days I’ve been trying to perfect a quick beanie I spotted on the web *(see endnote)  using a double strand of yarn. I must have tried making it about 5 times before I was finally happy with the finished product. Even then I tried making it again the next night, with a slight adjustment so it would be better for an adult head like mine. The original pattern, being from a US blogger, must have used different weighted yarn, and was designed for a child. I often get caught out with US patterns because in Australia we generally have ‘ply’ yarn, with 8ply being the most common.  The US ‘worsted weight’ seems to be more like a 10 or 12ply so I often have to adjust if I’m using standard 8ply.  I also struggled to get the stitch count to work the way it was written –  so I went back to my standard in-the-round style.  I’m now really happy with it so I thought I would share!

Double Strand Beanie
Very unflattering photo of me wearing my newest favourite beanie!

Written in UK terminology (because my mum likes it better that way): 

Treble (UK) = Double Crochet (US), Double Crochet (UK) = Single Crochet (US)

Take 2 strands of 8ply yarn. Contrasting colours look nice. Using a 6.5mm hook work a slip knot to start.

Round 1: ch 4 join with slip stitch to form ring. Ch 2 (counts as first treble) trbl 11 into ring, join with sl st into second loop of ch2.  (12)

Round 2: ch2, 1 x trbl into same stitch, 2 x trbl in each st around.  sl st into top of ch2  (24)

Round 3: ch2, 2 x trbl in next stitch, 1 x trbl next stitch, and follow the pattern round to the beginning (should end with a 2 x trbl in last stitch)

Round 4: ch2, 1 x trbl in next st, 2 x trbl in next, then follow pattern *1 trbl, 1 trbl, 2 trbl* all around to beginning.

If making a child or small adult size skip Round 5.

Round 5: ch2, 1 x trbl in next 6 stitches, 2 x trbl, *1 x trbl in next 7 stitches, 2 trbl*, around to beginning (should end with a 2 trbl)

Round 6-10: ch2, 1 x trbl in each stitch around.

Round 11 & 12: ch3 then work a trbl in stitch to the right of beginning chain.  Then trbl in second stitch to the left of starting chain.  Trbl to right of that treble, then second to the left of trbl.  Basically you are crocheting to the right and then two ahead of each treble.  This creates a crossed pattern all the way around.  (it will make sense once you get going *fingers crossed*)

Round 13: ch2, trbl each stitch around.

Round 14 & 15: double crochet each stitch around, end off.


Depending on the size you want, increase or decrease the extension rows (6-10), this creates the length.

If you want it tighter at the base, change to a 6mm hook for the last few rows..

Small Size – without the extra increasing row

Just a side note, I have now started using this pattern with chunky yarn as well, and adding a flower to a lot of them too 🙂



*original pattern idea from Vallieskids:



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