My Granny Square Story

Before I knew how to crochet, I would knit.  The first useful thing I learnt to knit was a square, for a blanket project at my church.  Everyone involved would knit a pile of simple 8ply squares, which my Mum (and probably others, but this is my story so I’m allowed a little creative bias) would join together and give to a city charity for the homeless.  I must have been so inspired at the time that I then made my own knitted blanket for my firstborn.

knit blanket
First Knit Blanket – well used!

In order to join the squares together my Mum very wisely instructed me how to crochet them together, complete with a neat little border to finish off the project nicely.  Ta daaaa – thus my entree into crochet.

When baby number 2 came along I decided a new blanket was in order. This time I went all out and BOUGHT a pattern book of blankets, and chose my yarn colour combination.  (Prior to this everything I made was out of scrap yarn so it was a significant decision.)  The blanket pattern I chose was a classic granny square.  Now you don’t have to dig too deep in most households to find a granny square rug of some kind.  They are somewhat of a classic. Hands up who has one?

Not having a clue about how to read crochet patterns I turned to my Mum for help, and she went through the first one with me.  What seemed like 600 squares later I was getting pretty close to the end of the colour combinations.  A nice big bag of squares, most of them ended off (amazing) ready to transform into my new blanket.  Then, THE GREAT MYSTERY OF THE MISSING GRANNY SQUARES occurred.  One day they were there, and then they were gone.

Now I *had* a pretty messy house at this stage in my life so I did search for a few days for this bag of squares.  Finally the only conclusion I could come to was that the bag was mixed in with some old clothes and taken off to the op-shop (by someone who shall remain nameless). Imagine the horror to discover all that work had gone.  I made a few phone calls to the local Good Sammy’s in desperation, but alas, they were never seen again.  I can only hope that maybe someone somewhere picked them up and turned them into something fabulous.

So, back to square one (literally). By this stage my passion for matching colours was gone.  Scrapghan it was! I became an 8ply scavenger, getting mismatched balls of wool from anyone who looked at me sideways. Everything was bordered in black, it didn’t seem to matter what the colours were. Each square was a little work of art (in my mind).  I even managed to do a row of the original colour combination on each end in memory of my lost granny squares *sniff*.  Many squares later I finally made my first crochet blanket (pictured here many years later).

Granny Square Scrapghan

So there it was…what now? (I said to myself 14 years ago).  So I just kept making squares.  I had so much scrap wool it seemed like the logical thing.


It only took me a few years to realise that if I could make granny squares, then maybe I could make other stuff too – so I started onto other creations.

So now, as my beanie, blanket, poncho and rainbow unicorn projects pile up around me (and in my mind – I have a huge wish list), I still have a bag of scrapghan granny squares waiting to transform into something…mostly waiting to be ended off – but who has time for that!?


2 thoughts on “My Granny Square Story

  1. I have a suggestion which might work! Before you embark on another project why not decide to finish the afghanscrap blanket first 😀

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