A Glorious Mess

My wife is the neat one.  When she puts her mind to it she can walk into the messy kitchen that *the children* have created and leave it with gleaming clear surfaces and not a dish in sight.  My tidying up process has never been particularly efficient, I can spend an entire day cleaning and end up with nothing to show for it.  creative mess

Suffice to say, my woolly projects must drive her a *little* crazy.  I currently have at least 4 projects on the go, draws spilling over with wool, and projects in bags waiting in the wings for their moment to shine.  Every time I expand my storage solutions to tidy up, they fill out and overflow with every trip to the craft shop, or brilliant idea I have for a new creation. I have argued in the past that I clearly need a bigger house with a craft room, but we all know if our heart of hearts that this will not change the trail of woolly bits trailing through every living space of the house.

So, what are my current projects I hear you ask?Winter Blanket - Indigograce

  1. Warm Blanket Gift for oldest child (I’m fairly confident he won’t read my crochet
    blog and ruin the surprise).  It’s a super chevron pattern with 12ply yarn.  Being for a boy in a boy bachelor pad I even had to be really sensible with the colour choice – not a purple in sight.  It is so close to being finished, just a few more threads to weave in and a border to decide on.  This means of course that it has sat aside for the last week…
  2. Poncho.  I decided I MUST make myself another poncho, and was deliberately Poncho 2 - Indigogracelooking for a non granny stitch pattern. Found one I thought would be nice called ‘Effortlessly Chic Poncho’.  I literally stood at the yarn section in Spotlight for over half an hour trying to decide on colour, taking yarn off the shelf, putting it back.  I wanted to be really sensible and get some neutral beige or cream or grey even.  But no, I ended up with a bright pink/purple veriagated yarn and told myself it would be sensible because it had a fawny colour through it also…One day I will grow up and choose adult colours.  I’m onto panel number two, and this is currently my ‘travel’ project – stuffed in my handbag for those moments where crochet is acceptable.*
  3. Sunburst Granny Squares blues - IndigograceSunburst Granny Square Baby Blanket #1 – this one is for a boy, it is made from scrap blue and green yarn and will be random in its arrangement.  Totally made on a whim with a gift in mind.  21 squares down, 39 to go. Don’t even talk to me about all the weaving in.
  4. Sunburst Granny Pink - IndigograceSunburst Granny Square Baby Blanket #2 – for a girl as a custom order.  All the squares on this one will be the same so it will be interesting to compare the two at the end of it. I was going for a flower effect with the colours – nice to be working with some pretty pinks 😀  It’s lucky I really like this pattern – every row is different so it keeps my goldfish brain amused enough to keep going.  2 squares down, 58 to go *aaaaaarghhh*.

Then I have my projects I have started by not looked at for a while, like a knitted blanket project that looks at me from the corner of my loungeroom, a lovely infinity scarf to match a beanie I made a year ago, those damn granny scrap squares that are waiting to be ended off and have their potential realised, a tea cosy order for my mum, and balls and balls of potential woolly scrumminessPoncho 1 - Indigograce.

So I think, when you look at all the productivity going on in my loungeroom it is completely understandable that it’s a glorious mess.  Agreed? Good 🙂

Indigograce xx


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