I’ve been banging on a bit this week about all the adulting I’ve been doing.  Yesterday I was seriously considering giving myself an adulting badge for finally finishing the theory part of a short course I’ve been doing so I can hand it in.  The day previously I was high-fiving myself for ‘doing the tax’ and the day before I called a plumber (ok, we couldn’t actually use any of the water based pipes in the house anymore, it was calling for drastic action).  Along with all the regular adulting I do, like feed people and occasionally clean I am really feeling like some recognition is in order.  And it got me thinking about my perspective on the endless ‘to-do’ list, which is probably just ‘being an adult’.

Since I became ‘under-employed’ and have taken on the Year of Wendy my perspective on busyness has changed.  I have chosen to slow life down, and now my idea of busy is ‘I have 4 unfinished crochet projects’, ‘I had to send an email’ and ‘I just spent 3 hours writing a blog post and publishing it on social media’.  Don’t tell my wife, but I can totally understand why she looks at me sideways when I declare that ‘I have so much to do today’ or ‘I’ve been very busy!’ with a slight edge of shrill defensiveness .  And its not that I’m not doing stuff, its just that the stuff I’m doing isn’t quite the same as someone who goes off to work in paid employment, or has to hunt and gather for their livelihood for example.  The perspective changes.  There was a time where I worked full time and co-managed a household of 6 (and still occasionally crocheted).  But now, with no paid employment in sight, and children in full time school, I still seem to have an endless ‘to-do’ list in my head, and adulting things I still put off doing, like call the plumber or doing our tax.

I technically should have more time to sort everything out, technically the house should beclean all the things sparkling clean and organised.  But no.  Turns out when I took on the Year of Wendy, I let go of something else.  I allowed myself time to slow down, spend 3 hours on that blog, go for walks, sit in that cafe and crochet for an hour. I’m taking time out planning and writing and thinking.  It’s a luxury that will not last forever, and it doesn’t always sit comfortably with me but I’m giving it a go to see where it takes me.

For anyone interested, my to-do list today is:

  1. Make school lunches.
  2. Unpack dishwasher.
  3. Get children off to school clothed and on time.
  4. Write fanciful blog post about adulting.
  5. Make a phone call.
  6. Assorted housework.
  7. Pick up children from school.
  8. (and my secret list item: sneak in some crochet time)


And I just want to say, I have done points 1 – 5 already. YES! HIGH FIVE ME!

indigograce x


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