Show Fever

It’s the second week of the school holidays and we are now into October and our house* has been hit with show fever!  Living in a country town means we get our own little Agricultural Show once a year complete with rides, fireworks, chickens, showbags, cow pat lotto and the all important Exhibition Hall! The schedule is out and I’ve been pouring over the entry options planning my exhibits. Prize money has doubled, there’s new categories and new challenges to be had.  There’s yarn and crafts and lego in every room of the house.  Ok, much like normal, but with a slight purpose this time (that’s my argument and I’m sticking with it!).

Now when I say ‘house’ and ‘Show Fever’, I should clarify it is mostly just me, and I’m trying to rally the children into a fever level of enthusiasm to match with not much luck. I’m also asking everyone I come across if they too are getting the fever… Still a few weeks to go so I’ll keep trying.

Last year was the first year I actually got brave and put some of my crafts into the exhibition section – crochet of course.  I was a little shy prior to that having only lived in the town a few years.  When I dropped off my entries on the morning of the show I joined the throngs of children carrying novelty fruit, lego, artwork and more toward the exhibition hall before they were off to school.  At  school drop off I chatted to a few of the mums about it.  ‘Putting anything in the show?’ I asked eagerly as I thought of my little teacosy creation.  ‘Oh the kids did of course!’ was the reply.  Oh..the kids! I had been so busy working on my entries I forgot to see if the children wanted to enter anything.  *I should note in my defence at this point that not only am I a Gemini, I am the youngest child.*  Turns out the children section is HUGE.  So many entries, so much enthusiasm!  This is quite a delight to see on show day when the exhibition hall opens.

I vowed this year that not only would I enter my crafts, but I would encourage the kids to do so too.  I can’t reveal anything yet of course, but suffice to say the house is a mess as the combination of school holidays and creativity has taken over. 9 days till showtime. Stay tuned.

Indigograce x



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