The Baby Blanket

My first job as a 15 year old was at Coles as a checkout chick extraordinaire.

The Baby Blanket

It was a job that saw me through my final years of high school, and through my subsequent University degree.  Through much of this time I worked with an older lady, lets call her Maureen (because her actual name alludes me at the moment). A few years later I am pregnant with my first child, still quite young, but no longer working at Coles.  Lovely Maureen presented me with a gift of a crocheted baby blanket.  I was so touched by this handmade gift.  It wasn’t like I had an ongoing relationship with her, apart from saying hello when doing my grocery shopping.  It was a gesture that has stuck with me ever since.  I still have this blanket tucked away in the cupboard. It’s one of the only things I still have from my first born – I’ve moved house too many times to have kept a lot of things.

This blanket is my reminder of the value of handmade gift giving, and something I have tried to revive as best I am able to welcome babies around me into the world.

I love making baby blankets.  Small bundles of soft goodness.  A creative project that won’t drag on for months, suiting my somewhat short attention span. Lately I have been lucky enough to make a few custom order blankets for friends. Babies I will never see, but I get a little kick out of knowing I now have a baby as far as the UK snuggled in with one of my creations.

There is something so sweet about a baby tucked into a pram with a woolly handmade blanket. Sometimes I must confess to noticing the blanket before the baby – they always catch my eye. Here’s a little collection of blankets I’ve made recently. A little bit of love is woven into each one  🙂

Thanks Maureen, wherever you are now.

indigograce x


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