Show Wrap Up

Last week*  I was in a frenzy of preparation for the Margaret River Ag Show (see Show Fever).  I had set my goals high for the amount of categories I hoped to enter for the textiles/crochet section, and drove my wife crazy with my fervor.  For anyone remotely interested, here is a run down on my main entries, and how they fared on show day.

 Crazy Spring Tea Cosy

It all started with a crocheted snail.  I had been chatting with a dear friend aboucrocheted-snail-indigogracet crocheted critters, and thought I would look for a pattern.  I found several, but couldn’t get my head around them, and decided to just make one up myself.  This was the result of an entire Sunday and I proudly showed my family.  Suffice to say some were more excited than others.  I immediately made another one of course 🙂

Then I had a vision.  A crazy garden teacosy for the show.  And so it began.  The trickiest part to start with was making a teacosy to cover my chosen teapot, a nice big one.  My previous teacosies were much smaller, and my pattern was a little bit made up.  Once I had successfully covered my teacosy I needed to get working on my design.  crazy-spring-teacosy-indigograceI had a snail so I started working on collecting flowers and leaves.  It was called a crazy teacosy because it not only looked a little crazy, but it drove me a little crazy too!  I could’t seem to get it looking right, and on several occasions wanted to throw it in the naughty corner.  Even on the last morning before handing it in for judging I was up at 5am making and adding more flowers.  I was pretty happy to have won an award for ‘Complexity’.

Teddy Bear

So there was a category called ‘3D Crochet’ which I pondered over for weeks…crocheted-bear-indigogracewhat did it mean? Eventually after discussion with anyone who would listen I decided it was anything ‘not flat’ so I flicked through a book I had and decided I needed to make a teddy bear.  Very quickly my son decided it was to be his when it was finished, and seemed to love watching it take shape – a funny series of body parts.  I had never made anything so complicated.  A week out from the show I realised there was a seperate category for ‘Teddy Bears, any style’ so I branched out into the general craft section to enter it there (after much deliberation of course).  The end result was second prize, and a new cherished bear for my boy.


Of course now that my 3D entry had jumped ship into general crafts I needed to come up with a new entry for 3D so I decided on a pair of owls. I found a lovely pattern from a great blog site’Repeat Crafter Me‘.  crocheted-owl-indigograce Another new and slightly ambitious challenge was ahead!  In the last minute rush of show week I only ended up producing one owl instead of the twins I had imagined.  However I was very pleased to win a prize for ‘Technical Skill’. And now my daughter had a cherished owl for her soft toy collection – winning!




*so when I say ‘last week’ it was technically more like ‘last month’ or even longer.  I got terribly distracted halfway through writing this and have only just got around to finishing the post now! Time is just an abstract concept isn’t it?

indigograce xx



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