What Matters

When my Year of Wendy journey began earlier this year I was on a quest to re-evaluate my life and direction, whilst getting in as much incidental crochet as I could.  A simple task really.

Now that I reach the half way mark, there are a few things that are becoming clear:

  • It’s really hard to live on essentially one income, especially when you hate cooking as much as I do.
  • The less I do, the less I do.
  • The employment market is a hell hole of rejection.

Living in a country town is lovely.  And anyone who knows Margaret River will be aware that it’s a fantastic tourist hub, filled with beautiful wineries, groovy cafes and wonderful places of nature. The weather stays cold to mild most of the time which is perfect for all year round yarn crafts. In fact, when I stop and think, it’s freaking PARADISE! Unfortunately, being a country town directed so much toward tourism and eating most of the work around here is directed toward those industries too.  Let’s be honest, I’m not much of a cleaner, I have zero restaurant skills and my wine knowledge is at the ‘I like wine’ stage.  When you re-evaluate your life, try to get a business off the ground, and still want to contribute financially knowing that you don’t really have much to offer any of those sectors, it becomes very difficult to find meaningful paid employment.  Then imagine in a town where the local schools are bursting at the seams, how many parents are looking for ‘part time, school hours, flexible work’!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have some mad skills.  I remember this every time I apply for a job and look back over my resume and the kind of work I’ve joyfully done in the past.  But when it comes to getting that across to someone, across the hoards of people applying for the one life-giving, feel-good, part-time, family-friendly, flexible job in town… it’s hard to sell.

And I’m discovering just how crap I am at employment rejection. Usually takes me a few days to pull up my big girl britches and get back out there.

Anyway. I was pondering all of this rejection, and jobs, and country town problems, and the big ‘what am I going to do with my life’ naval gazing stuff and then I took a minute to look at my happy children this morning. One big child preparing to stroll up the road to meet his new lady friend for coffee before school.  Two little children doing craft and talking about their end of year concert, and what it’s going to be like in Year 2. And I reminded myself of why we were here.  This little corner of the world we are so lucky to be living in is a place where our children can grow and explore life in relative safety.  Where our children have freedoms that you don’t necessarily have in the city, and many parts of the world.  Where there is a sense of community and belonging.  We moved from our hectic city life for a good reason.

All the cool Mums crochet at the skate park right?

My underemployment will ease some time soon I’m sure, and my beloved Celebrant small business will grow.  In the mean time I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about trying to find care in the school holidays, to be available to attend the end of year concerts, and watch my children stretch and grow in this beautiful place.

Besides, I have Christmas gifts to crochet! 😀

Indigograce x


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