Crochet is cheaper than therapy

I’ve been growing weary of the world.  It seems like everywhere I look that politics of hate is rearing its ugly head and loud voice.

Summer is traditionally a time where I do less with yarn – your hands get too hot, the yarn sticks to your fingers.  I’ve taken lately to spending nights on the computer, working or flicking through facebook.  The news feed is becoming increasingly depressing.  It feels like all of my bleeding heart values of loving thy neighbour, equality and peace are being hammered by a far right rising of selfishness and greed.  It was making my heart feel heavy.messy-bun-beanie-craft-therapy

So I turned back to my crochet.

I should note here that my break from yarn crafts has only been a few weeks, but I am also working on projects that are long term, and not for anyone in particular.  I needed something fresh and satisfying!  indigograce-messy-bun-beanieA beanie of course.  I found a fresh ball of wool from my stash, and began working on a chunky version of the ‘messy bun beanie’ I’d made for myself & daughter a little while back (and love).  I can see these things are quite popular on the US & UK crochet sites I follow on Instagram, so I thought I should perfect my recipe in case anyone was interested in one when our winter approaches.

It’s the best thing I could have done.  Lifting me out of my hollow. Short term and satisfying projects to work on – I’ve just finished part of an order, with 2 and 3 waiting in the wings.  It’s not solving the world’s problems, and it doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on the world.  I just needed a different focus for a while.  To me, crochet is soothing and contemplative…And MUCH cheaper than therapy.

Happy Crafting 🙂

indigograce xx


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