Show Fever

And we are here again, 1 day until showtime madly trying to finish off my entries…

indigograce crochet

It’s the second week of the school holidays and we are now into October and our house* has been hit with show fever!  Living in a country town means we get our own little Agricultural Show once a year complete with rides, fireworks, chickens, showbags, cow pat lotto and the all important Exhibition Hall! The schedule is out and I’ve been pouring over the entry options planning my exhibits. Prize money has doubled, there’s new categories and new challenges to be had.  There’s yarn and crafts and lego in every room of the house.  Ok, much like normal, but with a slight purpose this time (that’s my argument and I’m sticking with it!).

Now when I say ‘house’ and ‘Show Fever’, I should clarify it is mostly just me, and I’m trying to rally the children into a fever level of enthusiasm to match with not much luck. I’m also asking everyone…

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Rainbow All The Things!

Lately I've been asked to make a few key items in fabulous rainbow colours. I thought it was time to have them all featured in a blog post!

Crochet is cheaper than therapy

I've been growing weary of the world.  It seems like everywhere I look that politics of hate is rearing its ugly head and loud voice. Summer is traditionally a time where I do less with yarn - your hands get too hot, the yarn sticks to your fingers.  I've taken lately to spending nights on … Continue reading Crochet is cheaper than therapy


What Matters

When my Year of Wendy journey began earlier this year I was on a quest to re-evaluate my life and direction, whilst getting in as much incidental crochet as I could.  A simple task really. Now that I reach the half way mark, there are a few things that are becoming clear: It's really hard … Continue reading What Matters


Show Wrap Up

Last week*  I was in a frenzy of preparation for the Margaret River Ag Show (see Show Fever).  I had set my goals high for the amount of categories I hoped to enter for the textiles/crochet section, and drove my wife crazy with my fervor.  For anyone remotely interested, here is a run down on … Continue reading Show Wrap Up


The Baby Blanket

I love making baby blankets. Small bundles of soft goodness.


Restoring Granny

Granny Square restoration project - sometimes my love of all things woolly gets me into some funny situations!